Project Description

The Sheridan County Airport is one of the key gateways to the community. This project sought to improve passenger experience on arrival and departure, incorporating a modern baggage claim terminal and optimizing passenger flow through the building. At the same time, it was an opportunity to redesign the front entryway and interior design, creating a welcoming terminal that represents Sheridan with pride. As our community grows, so does the role of air travel for both business and leisure. The new designs and improved passenger experience set the standard for Sheridan as a modern, growing western community immediately upon arrival.

From a functional standpoint, QC10 had to clearly delineate the various points of passenger circulation in the planning process. These circulation paths and wayfinding, noting departure process steps such as entry->ticketing->security, were fundamental to developing an improved passenger flow. QC10 completed a similar process assessment on the arrival side, along with planning around an upgrade from the old slide-style baggage claim to a modern belt-style claim.

QC10 overcame a number unique challenges due to the constraints of working with an aging building with confined space, which has been added on to and modified numerous times. A key solution was to unconventionally rotate the ticket counters to be perpendicular to the runway. This change creates more space for ticket queues without blocking passenger flow from arrival to baggage claim – creating a smoother experience with intuitive wayfinding as part of arriving passengers’ first exposure to Sheridan.


  • Improved passenger flow for departures, including a clear entryway and increased room for ticket queues, without conflicting with other passenger flows through the terminal
  • Significantly improved passenger experience on arrival, including intuitive wayfinding from deplaning to a modern belt-style baggage claim
  • Redesigned interior entryway incorporating ample wood and glass for emotional warmth and sense of welcoming
  • Exterior redesign also leverages storefront glass and lighting along with vertical presence to clearly indicate entry point in a welcoming way

Collaboration and Recognition

QC10 was an architectural consultant to Morrison-Maierle, who were responsible for overall project management and engineering.

We also wish to extend a thank you to the Sheridan County Airport, for their drive to complete such a large-scale modernization of the airport terminal and positively represent Sheridan.