good design = better lives

QC10 Architects, LLC was formed by firm principal Thane Magelky in late 2018 with a simple goal in mind, to “create buildings that better the lives of those who experience them.” Everything we design influences someone’s life, for better or for worse.

We believe that by paying attention to the little things, listening intently to our clients and building users, then using our expertise to design in response to their needs and wants, we can create building environments that enhance and facilitate their lives.

We believe that good architecture is derived from place. Place means many things to us; site topography, landscape, weather factors, vegetation, views to and from the site, access, natural and artificial features, and of course culture. We are fortunate to live and practice in a state that has an abundance of “place”. It is our goal to design buildings that belong in Wyoming, that are specific to their site, that take advantage of the wealth we have here, and preserve or enhance Wyoming’s beauty for those that follow.